Total Gas Saving

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ETH gas fees are notorious for pumping during bull markets and painfully expensive for the average degen

Introducing NoGas - The first token on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows free gas, made possible with Paymasters EIP 4337


Where The Journey Began

In the depths of the crypto realm, where blockchain wizards whispered secrets in encrypted tongues, there lived a mysterious figure known only as "Dev." Since the crypto awakening in 2017, Dev had navigated the treacherous waters of the digital asset sea, surfing the waves of bull markets and surviving the tumultuous crashes that followed. But Dev held a secret, a cryptic grin hidden behind their digital mask, for they knew the magic of the altcoins, the so-called "shitcoins" that could be pumped to the moon and beyond.

As bull markets danced through the ethereal night, the Ethereum network roared like a dragon, its gas fees soaring to astronomical heights. Dev, with their sharp intellect and cunning, saw the plight of the average Joe. To buy tokens on decentralized platforms like Uniswap had become a Herculean task, with transaction costs outweighing the very assets they sought. It was a cosmic injustice that repeated with each celestial cycle. But Dev was not just a solitary hero; Dev was the harbinger of a movement, and thus, NoGas was born. A token to free the normies from the clutches of gas fees, a beacon of hope that allowed them to partake in the next hundredfold journey. With NoGas, Dev whispered, "We are a movement, and together, we shall defy gravity and surf the stars."

How It Works

The NoGas platform allows users to purchase ERC-20 tokens with no gas cost to the user. It’s simple - buy and HOLD NoGas (no staking nonsense) and have the gas paid for you. A paymaster contract (made possible with EIP 4337) is integrated within the token token contract such that when a user makes a swap (buy/sell) the paymaster wallet covers your gas FREE OF CHARGE. *Note: You Must Pay For Approval.

how it works

The paymaster contract will initially be funded by dev. After this, the paymaster will be funded through two sources. Firstly, through a percentage of taxes collected (this is the PRIMARY method) and secondly, supply held in the paymaster wallet (this method is not active on launch!). The paymaster is contractually programmed to sell a TINY portion of this supply into the LP in order to generate ETH to replenish the paymaster. This automation of sells ONLY happens on BUYS to protect the chart. For example: If someone buys $1000 worth of NoGas tokens, 5% of this ($50) will be sold off by the paymaster wallet.

Holder Benefits

HOLD 0.1% Tokens = $10 free swaps per day

HOLD 0.2% Tokens = $20 free swaps per day

HOLD 0.3% Tokens = $30 free swaps per day







HOLD 1% Tokens = $100 free swaps per day


A NoGas holder with 1% has access to $100/day swap allocation. A total monthly saving of:

$100 x 30 = $3,000

*Daily swap allocation depends on supply a user holds

*Daily swap allocations are variable and can increase thresholds

*You must buy tokens via NoGasSwap using WETH

*Token approvals aren’t sponsored via paymaster

*If you transfer your NoGas tokens to another wallet you have to wait 24hrs before your daily allocation is available

How To Buy

1 )   Buy NoGas tokens via any decentralised platform

2 )   Navigate to NoGasSwap (accessed via our website)

3 )   Connect wallet - See your daily swap allocation on side panel

4 )   Proceed to purchase any ERC-20 Tokens (BUY WITH WETH)

Don’t have ETH to cover gas? Hold NoGas and pay ‘NOGAS’ for any ERC-20 Token


how it works
how it works

Total Supply


how it works
how it works

Buy Tax 5%

how it works

Sell Tax 5%

Paymaster Contract


how it works

Liquidity Pool


how it works

Secure your bag with ‘NOGAS’!



Gasless ERC20 to ERC20 Swaps using EIP-4337 Paymaster Contract through the $NGS platform.


EIP-4337 Trading Smart Wallet - Create and use your own smart wallet for trading on external dApps such as Uniswap and swap using ETH as well as any ERC20 token.


Smart Wallet Integrations - Allow third party application to integrate with our Smart Wallet tech to provide safety for their customers and the potential for zero gas fees.


What is NoGas?

NoGas is a first of its kind innovator in integrating paymasters infrastructure within its smart contract. NoGas allows a third party to cover your gas payments so you don’t have to!

What is a Paymaster?

Paymasters serve as smart contract accounts that sponsor transactions, enabling third-party mechanisms to cover transaction costs. This is critical in that it liberates users from the necessity of holding the native blockchain token (in most cases ETH). This is a recent upgrade in Ethereum’s functionality EIP 4337.

How does it work?

The paymaster is funded primarily via a percentage of taxes. NoGas also uses a mint & swap mechanic that is automated to periodically sell based on various smart contract parameters which aids in funding the paymaster. This mechanism won’t be activated at the start of the project.